Transforming Complex Challenges

into Practical Outcomes

Specialist service areas with a proven track record …

The owner is an experienced and highly flexible professional with 27 years business and engineering experience in asset management, leasing, business transformation, technical consulting, high speed rail and mass transit engineering.  A strong supplier and engager with a proven track record of using a collaborative approach to resolve problems, implement systems and drive business improvements and strategies.

Business Improvement Mechanical & Electrical Engineering  Lean Six Sigma
Procurement Process Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Stakeholder Engagement
Innovation Solution Driven Project Management

Other Practical Services …

In addition to the vocational skills and experience offered above, BinxServices provides bespoke services and practical solutions. These can be aligned to short or longer term client strategies as required.

The identification and bringing in of specialist suppliers to deliver novel solutions to common workload management, prioritisation and programme execution problems, delivering very positive results.